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Designed to penetrate deeper than other skincare products, face oils have tons of tricks like balancing moisture content, protecting yourself against the outer elements, and fighting wrinkles. And specifically for males, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank says men’s skin is vastly different from women’s skin and should be treated as such. “There are significant biological differences between a man and a woman’s skin -- men’s skin is 20 percent thicker, making penetration of product more difficult. The greater the oil content in a product, the better the absorption through the skin barriers to hydrate the tissue.” So, here are some oil ingredients to look out for as well as nifty reasons we think face oil should be added to your arsenal!

It helps you moisturize

Although they are misinterpreted as greasy and occlusive, botanical and plant oils actually absorb into the skin far quicker than moisturizers. As the face already produces sebum ala your natural oil, your skin recognizes the molecular composition of plant oils and sucks them up. 

We love this “bio-compatability,” because it means it’s easier for you to decipher which products to pick. Just look at the labels and if you see plant-based, then your skin will be happy sponging up all its goodness. Neil Patrick Harris sings praises to Face Oil . Harris says, “... my groomer Amy Komorowski turned me on to facial oils, and I’ve been subjecting my moneymaker to them ever since.... my skin has never been dewier.”

And next to making your skin dewy as can be, oils are also naturally composed of thousands of antioxidants, omegas, and vitamins. This means they give the skin a far more holistic treatment than any synthetic counterparts. Basically, oils are moisturizers on supplements. 

It promotes a healthy glow

As you age, your skin produces fewer natural oils. The effects are similar to when your body is dehydrated or you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Natural, plant-based oils are a great way to restore moisture and obtain a natural glow to delay the onset of wrinkles. And remember the secret to really getting that voluminous glow is to find a product that has multiple seed oils in it. You can guarantee that the usage of different combinations of fatty acid-rich oils on your face will get you looking like a young Paul Walker in no time. Make sure to look out for carrot seed oil as it offers a high level of antioxidant support and promotes cell regeneration. Pomegranate seed oil is fantastic as well since it promotes healing and protects your skin from aging while adding a luminous glow. Sunflower seed oil, tamanu oil, and pomegranate oil are also great oils to look out for. 

Can be used as a shaving oil

Shaving can often be a problem for men due to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. However, applying face oils before shaving makes it that much easier for the razor to glide over facial hair, giving it a closer shave. There really is no better way to kill two birds with one stone when you find a good oil. You get the benefits of great skin while it hydrates and potentially thickens thinning hair. Look for ingredients like grape seed oil -- a fatty amino acid that helps promote hair growth and breakage. It also possesses Vitamin E which is a known oil for thickening natural hair. 

It is added protection from pollution

Environmental pollution is a real problem in this modern era. Especially for folks living in the city, air toxins, ultraviolet radiation, and fumes from cars to cigarettes all take a toll on that dermis of yours. Apart from being a fantastic moisturizer, face oil offers a natural barrier to environmental pollutants and chemicals that damage your face. The barrier should not suffocate the skin beneath, but instead work to hydrate and nourish the deeper layers, whilst shielding exposed areas from free radicals and damage. Our experience has taught us that the best formulation to achieve this delicate balance is oil-based. Even if you have greasy or acne-prone skin, a skin oil will help maintain hydration, inhibiting the over-production of sebum and bringing more balance to the skin’s texture and appearance. The answer is to look for an oil that with small molecules; try something that has evening primrose on the ingredient list, which is big enough to provide surface cover while being small enough to offer deeper hydration to the skin. 

Oils last a long time 

Face oils are commonly very nutrient-dense. Hence why you only need a small amount to be applied for good effect. And yes there are ways to make sure you get the most bang for your buck by applying oil the right way. Make sure after applying to a dry and clean face, you apply four to five drops of oil onto the palm of your hand. Yep, that’s all you need. With your finger, dab the oil onto your skin and press onto your skin, face, and beard. Less is definitely more, so no need to go overboard. This is another advantage face oil enjoys over using lotions, which tend to require a lot of application before having the same effects.

To get your vitamins!

If you’re not taking a daily supplement, why not try putting supplements on your face to help your largest organ: your skin. Ingredients like turmeric are great with their fortifying Vitamin C, K and B6 which helps with decreasing sun damage, clearing up acne, boosting collagen and brightening skin. Prickly pear is not only high in Vitamin E but essential fatty acids, and omega 6 and 9 to help support your skin structure. Other things to look out for are turmeric, carrot seed oil, and grape seed oil. 

Your boo will love it! 

We saved this one for last because who doesn’t love a little appreciation for your self-care? Not only will you be able to share your fancy face oils with your current love but they will undoubtedly be captured by your know-how in the realm of face oil. Nothing speaks sophistication like opening up a medicine cabinet to see facial serums and care goods. 

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